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Treatment methods

We offer several methods of orthodontic treatment that we will lead you to the successful result. Through the consultation, we will make the best choice, which is compatible with the treatment and also your requirements.

Children: Best age to check the upcoming problems, mostly lack of space for the permanent teeth and secondary induced bite problems.

Teenager: Changing the canine and premolars. Growth pattern can be supported for more favorable result.

Adults: Tooth movement possible, healthy gum is a must. Of course the treatment needs a different kind of approach compared to the teenagers.

Early treatment

In some cases, it is recommended to start a treatment for children even who have milk teeth.
Cross bite

Can be corrected in different age groups but preferably as earliest as possible.

Lingual Brackets or Aligner
("Invisible" appliances)

Suitable for adults and also teenagers.



Suitable for adults and also teenagers.


It is recommended to make space as earliest possible in order to prevent Extraction of permanent teeth later on.