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Treatment steps & benefits

The neccesary steps for the start of the treatment

  • Please make an appointment for your first visit.
  • This consultation will bring clarity whether the aligner treatment is suitable for you.
  • Next, the first diagnostic will be completed in order to get an idea about the entire neccessary movement of your teeth and of course the cost estimate.
  • After the explanation of the treatment plan and choice of the suitable financing model the first aligners will be produced for you.
  • After one or two weeks the aligners are ready to be picked up and the treatment begins.


The advantages for you

  • Every tooth movement is being defined with the assistance of the 3D scanner and a special software
  • High quality materials for the aligner from renowned production companies
  • The interval for your visit every 8 – 12 weeks for check-up and to collect the next series of aligners
  • Personal observation of the whole treatment by the orthodontist involving the consultation, treatment and producing steps
  • Long term experience with the different kinds of aligners, resulting in the individual solution:

    Drift n' Align®