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If you're looking for a fast way to dramatically whiten your teeth, Zoom2 Chair side Whitening System may be the answer for you.
In just 60 minutes, this safe and effective system can give you the instant results you've been wanting!
A specially designed light activates the Zoom! Whitening Gel to gently break down stains on your teeth to put the sparkle back in your smile! It is important to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen post-whitening to preserve your bright, white smile.We also recommend occasional touch-ups with the Zoom! Take-Home Gel.
Your smile will always be brighter than it was before the procedure, but by following these simple instructions, you can retain your results for a long time!

Feel free to make an appointment for a detailed consultation!

You can select between two different bleaching-systems:

  Treatment of Time Results Notes Price
In-office bleaching 60 mins Avg 4-6 shades

- Immediate Results
- Long lasting
- Professional teeth cleaning
- Safe & comfortable
- Performed by a dental professional

450 EUR
Home bleaching

After first visit in Praxis
45 mins per day at home
(2-3 applications)

 2 shades

- Self applied
- Trays
- Small package of teeth cleaning
- Result after 1-2 weeks

200 EUR