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3D Scan- and Rapid prototyping-process

Our aligners are highly transparent
Also, they are being produced with the models that are obtained through a 3D scanner and rapid prototyping process. The result is a transparent aligner that can hardly be noticed. Simply integrate your aligners into your life and already after few weeks you will enjoy the difference.

Last but not least, it makes sense that the aligners are prepared in certain steps within the adjacent treatment session. With this approach, the final result will be brought to you in a more exact way and unforeseeable measurements that might occur, e.g. sports injury, accidents, acute dental treatments can be handled in a flexible way

Not to mention what financial benefit this means for you.

  • It will be our pleasure to hand out the adjacent session of the aligners at your visit in our office every three month in average. In some cases the intervall of the appointments can be prolonged.
  • Each aligner is being produced in our office, this will always guarantee the possibility of a direct and professional consultation if needed. But see it for youself, how easy it will be.